Fitness Plus and Fitness Plus Dexter are closed until further notice, for the safety of our members, patients and staff. Learn more    |    Pre-recorded exercise videos available on the Group Fitness Classes page
For more information, call: 573-331-3355

Aquatics Classes & Programs

At Fitness Plus, we are committed to providing members diverse aquatic programs that offer opportunities for all ages and abilities. Fitness Plus features four pools:

  • A four-lane lap pool
  • An exercise/recreation pool
  • A warm water therapy pool
  • A whirlpool

The lap and exercise/recreation pools are available during all operating hours. The warm water therapy pool is available limited hours Monday-Friday and during all operating hours Saturday and Sunday. A lifeguard is on duty at all times.

The aquatics program schedule is subject to change depending on member interest and participation. Members will be notified in advanced of canceled or added programs. Register at the Fitness Plus Service Desk for all programs. For more information on aquatics programs, call 573-331-5962 or 573-331-5311.