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Fitness Plus offers a variety of wellness services to complement members’ fitness activities. For more information on wellness services, call 573-331-5970.

Heart & Health Screenings

Monitoring your health and risk of disease is easy through the Heart & Health Screenings provided by Saint Francis Medical Center. The following screenings are available 7-10 am the first Wednesday of each month at the Saint Francis Health and Wellness Center Conference Room 2 – Entrance 8, 150 S. Mount Auburn Road. No appointment is necessary.

  • Blood Pressure Screening – FREE
  • Glucose Screening for Diabetes Risk – $7
  • The Works – $30
    • Includes total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides, cardiac risk ratio and glucose and blood pressure.
    • For accurate results, a 10- to 12-hour fast is required, although medications may be taken with water during fasting.

In addition, Saint Francis Medical Center has received grant funding from the Cape Girardeau County Senior Citizens Services Fund Board to provide annual Heart & Health Screenings, including cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar. You are able to receive this screening for free once per calendar year if you are older than 60, reside in Cape Girardeau County and agree to have your screening results sent to your physician.

For more information about these lifesaving screenings, call Saint Francis at 573-331-5970.

Corporate Programs/Health Fairs

The Saint Francis Wellness department provides a variety of corporate programs, including executive physicals and health screenings, such as health risk appraisals, cholesterol screenings, blood pressure testing, fitness testing and much more. No company is too large or too small for corporate wellness programs. All can be offered on-site at your organization or at Fitness Plus. For more information, call 573-331-5316.

Disease Risk Management Programs

The Wellness Department offers a variety of disease risk classes designed to give you an evidenced-based approach to improving your health. The following classes are led by our Wellness Dietitian and Nurse and cover a wide range of topics such as blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides, as well as body weight:

  • DASH Diet – Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension is a diet that was specifically developed to prevent or lower high blood pressure
  • TLC – Therapeutic Lifestyle Change helps you make positive changes to reduce your risk of heart disease
  • WeightWise – This class is a short introductory class that covers the basics of nutrition and weight loss

For more information or to register, please call 573-331-5970.

Healthy Bites Luncheons

Healthy Bites luncheons assist and support those seeking and those maintaining a healthier lifestyle by developing healthy habits to last a lifetime. Luncheons are free and feature a different speaker monthly. They are held the first Thursday of each month, 12:10-12:40 pm, in the Health and Wellness Center. You may bring a lunch or pick-up a healthy meal at Deli Plus. To register, call 573-331-5399.

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The Healthy Weigh

The Healthy Weigh is new to Fitness Plus! The medical weight-loss program incorporates diet solutions from Health Management Resources® (HMR), a weight management company that specializes in lifestyle education, personalized attention and follow-up and emphasizes long-term weight and health management.

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Are you curious about how many calories you need to help you reach your weight goals? Whether you are trying to lose, maintain or gain some extra weight, your metabolism check will give you insight into making those goals a reality. In addition to receiving your metabolism number, our qualified staff will review your results and explain how to make your calorie level work best for you. Call 573-331-5399 for more information.

Nutrition Counseling

Whether you have a specific health problem that needs addressing – cholesterol reduction, high blood pressure, etc. – or just want to learn how to improve your health or sports performance through proper nutrition, our registered dietitian is available to discuss your individual concerns. Fee: $50 per session; $190 for a package of four sessions.

For questions or to schedule, please call 573-331-5940.

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Personal Wellness Profiles™

A Personal Wellness Profile™ takes your health risk assessment one step further by providing a comprehensive assessment of your health in more than a dozen different wellness areas, including fitness, nutrition, heart health, stress, cancer risk and much more. The questionnaire can be personalized with your lab work, body measurements and fitness testing results. Your report, including individualized recommendations, will be detailed in a 20-page report, which will be presented to you by a fitness professional.