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Walk a Mile in My Water Shoes

Walk a Mile in My Water Shoes

It’s All About the Beads – the Abacas or the Rosary – to track laps during the Season of Lent (February 26 – April 8). Both will be available on the deck!

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that participants wear water shoes! Walking on a concrete pool bottom is tough on your bare feet!

Record your laps on your ‘mile-tracking’ sheet, file it in the file box, and we’ll add up your miles for you!

Count your laps by using the ABACUS as you chat with a fellow water walker or listen to music.

Use the IN USE sign so that others may not disrupt your count! Turn the sign to OPEN when you are finished. We have two abacuses for use!

Count your laps by praying the Rosary, using the time and the walking for meditation and silent prayer.

The REC Pool is 14 yards x 8 yards. Each of the following equals 1 mile:

  • 38 laps around the inside perimeter of the pool (14 yards + 8 yards + 14 yards + 8 yards = 44 yards)
  • 85 half-laps (shallow to 4 ft. across and back to shallow = 8 yards + 7 yards + 8 yards + 7 yards = 30 yards)
  • 103 trips back and forth across the pool (8 yards + 8 yards = 16 yards)