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Birthday Parties

Let Fitness Plus Host Your Child’s Birthday Party!

Fitness Plus is a great place to hold your child’s next birthday party! Birthday parties include:

  • Two-hour time period on Fridays, 6-8 pm; as well as Saturdays and Sundays, 1-5 pm
  • Activities in the Multipurpose Room and/or activities in the swimming pool led by Fitness Plus recreation staff
  • A party room is equipped with decorations, a party table and chairs
  • The option for pizzas and drinks
  • Party sizes of 12 and fewer, 13-19 and 20-25 kids. For parties of more than 25, please contact Fitness Plus.

For more information or to reserve a party, contact the Fitness Plus Recreation Department at 573-331-5963. Please see the policies listed below.


Package A

  • Activities in the Multipurpose Room and/or activities in the swimming pool
  • Party room with decorations (balloons, table cover, streamers)
  • Party host

Package B

  • All amenities in Package A
  • Pizzas (includes plates, napkins and utensils)
  • Drink


Member Fees

Package14 or fewer children15-25 children
B$140 (3 pizzas, 20 drinks)$200 (5 pizzas, 30 drinks)

Non-Member Fees

Package14 or fewer children15-25 children
B$160 (3 pizzas, 20 drinks)$220 (5 pizzas, 30 drinks)

Parties are reserved for a two-hour period. Additional time can be reserved for the following fees:

  • 30 minutes = $20
  • 60 minutes = $35

Fitness Plus Birthday Party Policies

Parties may be reserved for a two-hour time period on Fridays from 6 to 8 pm and Saturdays and Sundays from 1 to 5 pm. All parties must be reserved at least one week in advance. Nonmembers are required to submit a $25 deposit at booking. A signed contract is required prior to the start of the party.

Facilities available for use during birthday parties are the Multipurpose Room, swimming pool, and a conference room for snacks and refreshments. Groups will be required to conclude the party in the conference room. If a party wants to use both the pool and the Multipurpose Room, extra party time is required. It is available at a rate of $20 for a half-hour or $35 for an additional hour.


Any decorations or supplies for the event can be dropped off at Fitness Plus at a time agreed upon by facility staff and the reserving group. All supplies should be removed at the conclusion of the event. Any items left in the building will be discarded. When decorating, groups may not hang decorations on the wall surfaces that are wallpapered or painted drywall. This includes taping decorations to the walls. Other surfaces such as matte or tile surfaces may have decorations hung on them, provided they can be completely removed and will not damage the surface. The only acceptable adhesion method for hanging decorations on acceptable wall surfaces is taping. Confetti may not be used, due to cleanup difficulties. Balloons (which must be pre-anchored until removed from the gymnasium) and streamers may be used but must be completely removed from the walls and ceilings. Under no circumstances may tape be used on the floor of the gymnasium. Renting groups are responsible for any damage caused by decorating. Glitter is not allowed. All decorations must be flame retardant.

Aquatics Policies

Swimming parties will be permitted use of the recreation pool only. The shallow end of the pool is 3 feet 6 inches. Party participants should be at least 6 years of age to use the aquatics area for birthday parties. If younger than 6, or a non-swimmer, an adult is required to be in the pool within arms reach at all times. Other member-related activities may be taking place in the aquatics area during the parties. A lifeguard will be on duty during all parties. In addition, a Fitness Plus recreation staff member will be available to chaperone the party. All parties will be required to leave the aquatics area 45 minutes before the conclusion of the party to give participants adequate time to change clothes, etc.

Party participants will not be allowed to use the exercise equipment or track on the second floor of the facility. In addition, individuals attending parties will be required to exit the facility at the conclusion of the party unless they are members of Fitness Plus or purchase a guest pass.

For birthday parties using the aquatics area, all adults attending the party (above the allotted number of free chaperones) who swim will be included in the party number used for billing unless they are Fitness Plus members. All children attending the party (including Fitness Plus members, but excluding the birthday child) will be counted and included in the final payment for the party.

The number of free chaperones allowed for birthday parties using the aquatics area are as follows:

Number of childrenNumber of free chaperones
Up to 14 children3
15-25 children4

Because Fitness Plus is a member service facility, the maximum number of children we can accommodate is 25. If your party is larger than 25, you may reserve the facility for an after-hours function.

Thank you for choosing Fitness Plus for your party!