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Personal Training

Job Opportunities at Fitness Plus

Our Fitness Plus team of certified personal trainers look forward to assisting you with your unique fitness goals. Whether you are new to exercising or a seasoned athlete striving for peak performance, our personal trainers will develop a customized fitness plan to help you meet your specific goals. These professionals direct each workout, providing guidance, motivation, support and accountability every step of the way, so you enjoy greater results faster.

Personal training sessions are a great option if you are:

  • Training for a race or other sporting event
  • Hoping to improve strength, agility and speed for your golf game, tennis game or other sport
  • Desiring to slim down and tone up for an upcoming vacation, wedding, reunion or other special event
  • Uncomfortable with your ability to guide your own workout
  • Recovering from an injury, illness or surgery
  • Not getting the results you expect from your exercise program
  • Bored with your workout and desiring to take it to the next level
  • Needing accountability and a little extra push
  • Looking for a cost-efficient personal training program

Personal training is available to members of Fitness Plus as well as non-members. Programs are available for individuals, couples and small groups. To learn more, call 573-331-3355 or email

How to Schedule Personal Training

To schedule personal training, please complete a personal training request form available at the service desk, across from the trainer’s desk on the second floor or online.

Return the completed form to the service desk or email to

Someone from our fitness team will follow up with you within three business days.

Our Personal Trainers

Learn more about our personal trainers and their qualifications.

Member Pricing for Personal Training Packages

Type12 Pack6 PackSingle
1 hour
1/2 hour
1 hour

Non-Member Pricing for Personal Training Packages

Type12 Pack6 PackSingle
1 hour
1/2 hour
1 hour