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Performance Plus Sports Training and Conditioning

Performance Plus Sports Training and Conditioning
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Performance+ Sports Training and Conditioning offers sport-specific programs to individual athletes to meet unique needs and goals. Whether you are preparing for your first college season or your first season ever, Performance+ will elevate your game.


Our training and conditioning programs will focus on pre-season preparatory work, during season maintenance and injury prevention and even off-season training and conditioning. Our staff can also introduce sport training for the new or younger athlete. Performance Plus also offers additional prep weeks prior to the program, if needed.


Athletes will complete our generalized assessment testing along with sport-specific assessment testing to establish our baseline measurements. With the results, our team will work with each athlete to test and prepare for tryouts and the season; to achieve their peak performance level; to prevent injury during the season and off-season; to work on general growth and development including explosiveness, speed, flexibility and mobility.

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With Performance Plus, athletes will be well-rounded and better prepared for the demands of competition.


Discounts are available when registering multiple athletes for Performance Plus:

Number of AthletesPrice Per AthleteDiscount Amount
Four or More$30615%

Program includes 12 sessions, 2 times per week, for 6 weeks.

Additional prep weeks prior to the program are available. Ask for pricing.

Meet Our Trainer

Garrett Duncan, ACE, CPT

Duncan earned a Bachelor of Science degree in exercise science from Southeast Missouri State University, Cape Girardeau, Mo. He started training to fill the void after being a full-time soccer player with the specific goals of improving his overall physique and building muscle mass. Determined to reach his goals, Duncan joined Fitness Plus in 2009. […]

Zachary Whitsel, NASM

Zachary Whitsel, NASM

I am a personal trainer because of my own personal fitness journey. I saw changes in me that made me feel accomplished, happy and proud. I wanted to help others to feel that same pride in themselves and realize that fitness isn’t a chore, rather a way to have fun and feel better. I received […]