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Jingle All the Weigh Incentive Program

Jingle All the Weigh Holiday Incentive Program - December 4 - January 6. Maintain, Don't Gain!

The holiday season can be a difficult time of the year to stay physically active and maintain your weight. Many Americans gain between one to four pounds during the time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. While this may not seem like a lot, studies show that most individuals keep that holiday weight on each year, which can significantly add up over time.

This season, give yourself the gift of health by participating in Jingle All The Weigh: Maintain Don’t Gain Holiday Incentive Program!

This 5-week program, which runs December 4, 2019 through January 6, 2020, will give you weekly workouts, healthy recipe ideas as well as helpful tips to help keep the weight off during the busy holiday season.

Weigh in each week and we’ll hold two prize drawings on January 6, 2020:

  • A drawing for those who maintain weight
  • A Grand Prize drawing for those who lose weight

Visit the Fitness Plus service desk for details.

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