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Getting Back to Basics Weight Loss Challenge

Have a few extra pounds to lose? Join Fitness Plus Dexter’s 12-week Getting Back to Basics program January 6 – March 29. Bring your competitive edge, and invite your friends to be part of this healthy, weight loss challenge. Now’s the time to get fit and healthy without the “diet” and “work.” Sign up at the Service Desk to take part in this fun and rewarding program.


  • 12-weeks – January 6 to March 29
  • Groups of 3-5 individuals
  • Mandatory weigh-ins (before January 6 for baseline weight and again before March 29 to qualify for awards)
  • Weekly weigh-ins are provided, if desired
  • Winner determined by overall percentage of body weight lost
  • Team winners determined by group points earned
  • Individuals will be disqualified from the challenge if they are using unhealthy or inappropriate means in order to lose weight

Ways to Earn Points

  • Daily mile walk: 10 points
  • Daily circuit workout: 10 points
  • Daily water challenge: 10 points
  • Daily journal challenge: 10 points
  • Fitness center check-in: 5 points
  • Participation in a group fitness class: 10 points
  • Participation in extra weekend challenges: points TBD
  • Weigh-in with body fat, measurements and pictures: 10 points
  • Weekly weigh-ins: 5 points
  • Participate in member rewards club: 10 points


$10 per person to enroll in the challenge