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Aquatics Classes & Programs

Aquatics Classes & Programs at Fitness Plus Dexter

Marathon Swim Incentive Challenge

Start your new year with a NEW challenge. It’s easy-just record your yards anytime you swim laps during January through March.

One mile is equal to 1,650 swimming yards (61 lengths of the pool). Once you swim a total of 13.1 miles or 26.2 miles, you will earn a prize! For more information, please call 573-614-3620.

*Please note: There will be a log sheet and binder on the pool deck starting in January.

Personal Swimming Lessons

Personal swim lessons are offered on an individual basis as instructor and pool are available. Payment for all lessons must be received before the first lesson. Please call 573-614-3620 for more information.


 Members:Member Affiliates:Nonmembers:
One lesson: $20$25$30
Four lessons:$17/lesson$21/lesson$25/lesson
Eight lessons:$15/lesson$17.50/lesson$20/lesson