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Fitness Plus Dexter Aquatics Classes & Programs

Arthritis Aquatics

Gentle movements to help relieve arthritis pain and stiffness, while increasing joint flexibility and range of motion. Led by an Arthritis Foundation®-certified instructor. This is a lower-intensity class geared toward seniors; however, it still provides a great workout! There is NO prescription required to take this class.

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Personal Swimming Lessons

For adults and children who want to learn swimming skills on a one-on-one
basis with an instructor. Participants and instructors work on specific skills
tailored to the student’s individual skill level and needs. Lessons are offered any time instructors and pools are available.

Payment for all lessons must be received before the first lesson. Registration forms are available at the Front Desk. Please contact Fitness Plus Dexter at 573-614-3636 for more information.


One lesson:$30$25
Four lessons:$60$75
Eight lessons:$110$130

Water Aerobics

Work against the resistance of the water for a great cardio and strengthening class. Swimming experience is not necessary. This class is introductory level, lower intensity and geared towards seniors, but still provides you with a great workout! This class is free for Fitness Plus members.

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