Fitness Plus and Fitness Plus Dexter are closed until further notice, for the safety of our members, patients and staff. Learn more    |    Pre-recorded exercise videos available on the Group Fitness Classes page
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Court Schedule

Our basketball court gets a lot of use with our various programs, tournaments and members. We are thankful for all of those who have suggested ways to improve the use of the courts and have taken those suggestions to heart.

At Fitness Plus Dexter, we want all of our members and those in our community to enjoy a safe environment and a healthy lifestyle. For this reason, we are adjusting our policy to better serve those who enter through our doors.

We are instituting Family Time. Members and their children are invited and encouraged to play on the court space. Various sport equipment will be out for your enjoyment such a: volleyball, scooters, basketballs and floor hockey equipment. Through Family Time, we hope that our members can spend some active, quality time with their children and help the future of our community grow up in a healthy and positive way.

With this new addition, Fitness Plus Dexter will no longer accept court reservations outside of birthday parties and special events hosted through Fitness Plus.