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Fitness Activities & Programs

At Fitness Plus, we are committed to providing members diverse fitness programs that offer opportunities for all ages and abilities. With more than 80 free classes offered each week geared toward teens, adults and seniors, there is something for everyone. The Fitness Program Schedule is subject to change depending on member interest and participation. Members will be notified in advanced of canceled or added programs.

Register at the Fitness Plus Service Desk for all programs at least two days prior to the start of the event or program. For more information on fitness programs, call 573-331-3355.

Exercise is Medicine

A woman exercises on an elliptical machine

Physical inactivity is a fast-growing public health problem and contributes to a variety of chronic diseases and health complications. Fitness Plus has partnered with Exercise is Medicine, an American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) program, to make physical activity and exercise a standard part of disease prevention and treatment paradigm.

Launched in 2007 by the ACSM and American Medical Association, Exercise is Medicine encourages primary care physicians to include exercise when designing treatment plans for patients. Fitness Plus is committed to the belief that exercise and physical activity are integral in the prevention and treatment of disease and should be assessed as part of medical care and integrated into every primary care office visit.

Download the Exercise is Medicine flyer (pdf)

Exercise is Medicine at Fitness Plus

Exercise is Medicine is an ongoing physician- or health professional- referred program for someone who:

  • Does not currently participate in at least 150 minutes of physical activity per week.
  • Is at risk for chronic disease.
  • Currently deals with chronic conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity.
  • Needs assistance beginning and incorporating an exercise plan into his or her lifestyle.

The first two weeks of the program are free. Each participant will have an initial full-body assessment, set personal goals, get an exercise prescription and receive an equipment orientation. Each participant will receive a pre-and post-assessment. Participants will work one on one or in a small group with a fitness specialist in a structured resistance and balance training program focusing on their specific needs. They will work directly with a fitness specialist two times per week and then one time per week on
their own. The participant can schedule sessions that work best with their
schedule. Sessions are held at Fitness Plus, 150 S. Mount Auburn Road, Cape

There is a water-only option available for those who are unable to do
traditional cardio and strength training. These sessions are arranged on an
individual basis.

The Cost for the Program

FREE two-week program including assessment and exercise prescription for gym or home.

Eight-week program extension for $99

A limited number of scholarships are available for seniors over the age of 60 who live in Cape Girardeau County.


To make physical activity and exercise a standard part of disease prevention and treatment medical paradigm in the United States.

“What if there was one prescription that could prevent and treat dozens of diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension and obesity? Would you take it?”

Robert E. Sallis, MD, FACSM
Exercise is Medicine Advisory Board Chairman

For more information or to register for the program, please contact Robert Harper, Lead Fitness Specialist, at 573-331-5313 or, or Dianne Lawrence, Assistant Manager of Health and Fitness, at 573-331-5302 or

Fitness Assessment and Prescription

New Fitness Plus members are eligible for a free fitness assessment. This assessment session includes:

  • Height, weight and body measurements
  • Muscular endurance
  • Cardiovascular fitness
  • Body mass index (BMI)
  • Body fat
  • And more

You can sign up for your assessment at the fitness desk on the second floor or call the fitness specialist desk at 573-331-5964. After your assessment, you will receive a printout of your results, which will be reviewed with you by one of our fitness specialists – all of whom hold four-year fitness degrees. Your fitness specialist will help design your personal exercise prescription based on your assessment results and your personal health and fitness goals. If you would like a follow-up session, the fitness specialist will meet with you to ensure you are using proper technique and are comfortable with your fitness program. Every member can receive two assessments and four free workouts per year.

Members Rewards Club

Join this FREE club that recognizes members of all ages for consistently coming to work out at Fitness Plus. Earn points by performing strength training, stretching and cardio workouts. Log your points in the logbook at the trainers desk and advance through blue, bronze, silver and gold memberships. Reach 200 points each month for three months and achieve the next level.

Personal Training

Fitness Plus has certified personal trainers specially trained to coach you, train you and keep you motivated and excited about your workout. For more information on personal training, click here.

Plus Plan

You have made the commitment to improve your life and become a healthier you. The Plus Plan incorporates the areas of health that are the most important for success. It includes:

Nutrition Counseling

  • You will have one counseling session with Fitness Plus’ registered dietitian to discuss issues such as weight loss, sport nutrition and weight maintenance with the goal of establishing healthy habits that last a lifetime.

Personal Training

  • You will receive three personal training sessions with a certified personal trainer. They will design a step-by-step workout guide for all fitness levels, combining progressive cardiovascular and intensive strength training exercises designed to revitalize your metabolism and achieve noticeable results.


  • Do you need a little voice in your head to remind you to stick to your program? We will be your conscience, providing weekly phone calls for your first three months to ensure continued motivation and encouragement.

Goal Setting

  • Setting goals is a great way to ensure progress. Often goals are set too high or are based on weight loss rather than body measurements and body fat percentage. Let us help you select some healthy, obtainable goals.

For just $120, you can ensure that you start off on the right foot. To get started on the Plus Plan:

  1. Fill out a Personal Training Request form
  2. Select a trainer, or have a Fitness Coordinator match you up

The registered dietitian and personal trainer will contact you to schedule appointments.

Youth Weight Club

This program gives children ages 7-12 the chance to get a jump start on a healthy lifestyle. After going through a certification with a fitness specialist, children have the opportunity to complete a workout when they visit Kids Plus. Supervised by a Kids Plus attendant, it provides a safe atmosphere for children to become familiar with the fundamentals of weight training. The Youth Weight Club includes a recognition system, which means more workout fun for kids who use the equipment. Certification is offered when visiting Kids Plus, as staff is available. Register in Kids Plus.