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Athletic Republic

Start Training for the Future!

Athletics are competitive, and everyone is looking for an edge. Fitness Plus has it. As a proud member of Athletic Republic™ – the world’s premier provider of scientifically based athletic performance training – Fitness Plus trains athletes to be the best they can be, based upon their individual bodies, skill levels and interest.

Our certified Athletic Republic trainers custom design programs for your body type and your specific sport’s physical demands to help you reach your full potential. Through our patented equipment, plyometrics and strength training, you will increase your speed, power and agility. Athletic Republic’s protocols are the safest, most efficient and productive option available, allowing you to take advantage of the science behind the sports that professional athletes and Olympians have known for decades.

Athletic Republic is offered as a six-week program, up to four days a week for one to two hours a day. Bring your team for a free training session. Now is the time to start training for the future. Free open houses every Friday.

Registration Form

Download and fill out the Athletic Republic registration form to save time when registering for Athletic Republic

Protocol Options

Fitness Plus offers several Athletic Republic protocols, which are different training programs targeted at improving certain parts of an athlete’s performance. As part of every protocol, our certified trainers evaluate each athlete’s strengths and weaknesses and then work with them using Athletic Republic proprietary equipment to give each participant a unique, customized workout that helps him or her become a more efficient athlete with a reduced risk of injury. Each of the following training sessions is 60 minutes and runs for six weeks:


Level I: Uses exercises with explosive movements, like running, strength training and plyometrics, to build muscle power to improve sprinting speed, power for a quicker first step or vertical elevation, and recovery to sustain performance at game speed. Open to athletes 12-65 years.

Level II: Ideal for those athletes who are ready to “graduate” from Level I to a more-intense regimen of running, strength training and plyometrics to improve speed, quickness, leaping ability and recovery. Open to athletes 12-65 years.

Ground-based: Designed for an on-site team location or at Fitness Plus, protocol provides unmatched variety, program variability and a systematic progression. Trains a team three days a week through running, conditioning and plyometrics. Open to athletes 13-65 years.

Running Level I (5-10K)

Includes running training to work key muscle groups and develop speed and endurance to ultimately improve an athlete’s speed, recovery time and results. Increases aerobic and anaerobic capacity using basic principles, including base training, intervals, fartleks and speed work. Open to athletes 13-65 years.

Sport-Specific Cords Training

Consists of activities to strengthen particular areas relative to an athlete’s specific sport. Includes cord training where strategically applied heavy-duty elastic cords provide resistance to improve velocity and power for running, throwing, kicking, shooting, hitting, spiking, swinging and serving. Add six or 12 sessions to any running protocol for a total training package. Open to athletes 13-65 years.

Youth Level I

This protocol delivers some of the best results we see through running and plyometrics specifically designed for young athletes and their growing bodies. Teaches skills essential to athletic ability, including proper running, cutting and landing techniques. Open to athletes 7-13 years.

Protocol Prices

Registration – Individual Athlete

Each session is 60 minutes and each training series is six weeks. All athletes will receive a pre- and post assessment. Athletes training 3 or 4 times per week will receive an Athletic Republic T-shirt.



2 per week$288
3 per week$396
4 per week$480

Registration – Team

Each option is three sessions per week for six weeks. Athletes receive a pre- and post-assessment and an Athletic Republic T-shirt.

No. of Athletes

Session Time


5 - 7 60 minutes$288/person
8 - 1260 minutes$252/person
13 - 2090 minutes$180/person

Cord Training – Individual

Sport-specific cord training includes kicking, jumping and swinging cords. Option can be added to any package for an additional 30 minutes of individual training; however, cord training must be scheduled on a different day from other training options.

  • 6 sessions for $120
  • 12 sessions for $240

GBA (Ground-based Acceleration)

Must have a minimum of 15 participants from a specific team for three, 90-minute sessions per week for eight weeks. $162 per person including a pre- and post-assessment.

Nutrition Counseling

Individual 60-minute session with a registered dietitian. Includes meal planning for optimal performance for $40 per session.