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About Massage Therapy

Dating back nearly 3,000 years in China, massage therapy offer many health benefits such easing muscle pain; improving joint mobility, mental alertness and sleep quality; and enhancing circulation and movement of lymphatic fluid. The careful manipulation of the muscles, skin and joints helps relieve stress and reduce tension. Our assortment of massage therapies is designed with something for everyone.

Massage Techniques

Signature Massages

Chair Massage

Have our licensed massage therapist come to your office or event. It’s a great stress break for all! Call for Pricing.

Deep Tissue Massage

Strained muscles, trigger points and sports injuries can be addressed with deep tissue massage.

Prenatal Massage

Massage during pregnancy can safely, comfortably and effectively relieve stress, whether physical, emotional or psychological. It can address problems that are associated with pregnancy, such as swollen ankles and feet, aching hips and lower back pain.

Foot Massage

This gentle massage uses specific techniques to work reflex areas on the feet that promote relaxation and stress relief.

Swedish Massage

This relaxing massage is ideal for relieving pain, reducing anxiety and depression, stimulating immune function and digestion, and reducing tension headaches.

Specialty Massages

Bio Craniopathy Massage

This massage promotes the realignment of the cranial bones while restoring the integrity of dural membrane.

Craniosacral Massage

This very light-touch massage that works with the craniosacral system to enhance body function, and help alleviate pain and discomfort.

Hot Stone Massage

Smoothed river rocks are heated to a soothing 135 degrees and then used to massage the body. The heat penetrates deep into muscle tissue causing immense relaxation. It is great for chronic muscle tension and insomnia. Limited to 90 minutes only.

Migraine Release Massage

Migraines can be related to a number of issues including tension. This therapy releases tension in the shoulders with trigger point therapy, along with stretching of the neck and light massage of the scalp, face and base of the neck.

Myofascial Release Massage

Manipulating the fascia helps remove restrictions in the myofascial system caused by stress. Myofascial release reduces pain and stress and can help increase range of motion and balance.

Sciatica Release Massage

Sciatica release can help reduce pain caused by general compression and/or irritation of one of the five root nerves by providing a specific modality to release the pain points.

Meet the Therapist

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Signature Massages

Half Hour$40$45
One Hour$60$70
90 Minutes$86$100
Set of Five Half Hour$175$200
Set of Five One Hour$275$325
Set of Five 90 Minutes$400$475

Signature Massages may be scheduled online through your Fitness Plus Account or through the service desk.

Specialty Massages

Half Hour$55$60
One Hour$75$80
90 Minutes$100$115

Packages are not available for Specialty Massages.

Specialty massages cannot be scheduled online. Please contact the therapist or the service desk for appointments.


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